7 Hour Everglades Adventure

Miccosukee Tree Island, Big Cypress, 10,000 Islands to the Gulf of Mexico

7 Hour Everglades adventure

All the way to the 10,000 Islands and the Gulf of Mexico

The 7+ Hour All-Day Adventure includes:

  • Miccosukee airboat ride to a tree island to explore
  • A modernized Miccosukee town
  • State park boardwalk 30 minute stop
  • Back roads for an  upclose look at the forest and wildlife.
  • Clyde Butcher's photo gallery in Big Cypress.  Clyde is not guaranteed, as they close at 4.
  • An hour boat ride thru the 10,000 Islands to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Stone Crab lunch at the fishing docks.  Lunch not included in ticket price.  Everglades City is the Stone Crab capital of Florida.

The 10,000 Island boat ride is the highlight of the extra two hours.  Wildlife seen depends heavily on tides, lower tide best for birds, higher tide better for dolphin, shark and manatees.

Booking is Private only.  A minimum of 4 pax!

Departure chosen by guests, from 7:30 to noon.   as a range.

Singles and couples can wait list the 7 hour but no guarantees, using the 5 hour as a back up.

The 7 hour is the 5 hour trip PLUS the 10,000 Islands, completing the cross section of the Everglades from Atlantic to Gulf of Mexico.


What Makes Up the Adventure

Native American Hertiage

The Miccosukee airboat ride to a tree island where the Miccosukee lived since being chased down by the US Army in the early 1800s.

Miccosukee  consider the Everglades their mother, protecting them during the Seminole Wars. Miccosukee fought side by side with the Seminoles but speak another language.

Tour covers the Miccosukee, Seminole, Calusa, and Tekesta histories.  The Florida history they hid from us.

Abundant Wildlife

Once we enter Big Cypress National Preserve the wildlife increases dramatically. We go off the beaten path to see the forest unclose, many spots mentioned on the “Florida Birding Trail”.

Environmental History

Everglades National Park got its start as a state park in the late 1890s as Aububon Society began protecting birds threatened by Plumers hunting beautiful birds for their feathers used to decorate women's hats in Paris and New York.

Later journalist such as Majory Stoneman Douglas would enter the fight to protect what she called, "A River of Grass." She would lead the fight to return water flow in the Everglades to its original state after developers tried to drain all of the Everglades.

Interesting Facts about the 7 hour Everglades adventure


Big Cypress is in the heart of the wildlife corridor.  Once you reach the Dade-Collier County border, the scenery changes from sawgrass to cypress forest, where wildlife is more abundant.

Big Cypress is where the spectacular forest begins and wildlife increases dramatically. This forest has numerous wildlife corridors that connect all throughout the state of Florida. Panthers and bears have made a strong comeback within Big Cypress National Preserve.

The stretch of coastline between Naples and Miami is the largest protected area of the lower 48 US states.


Our boat trip will explore the 10,000 Islands to the Gulf of Mexico; the world's 2nd largest mangrove forest.  Sunsets on the Gulf are spectacular on certain conditions, however, you miss Big Cypress on the way back.

On medium and high tides expect to see Dolphins, Manatees, sharks, Rosies (Roseate Spoonbills), White Pelicans, and Ospreys, while the lower tides really bring out large quantities of wading birds.


The archaeology of Everglades National Park goes back 4000 years, with one significant town near Marco Island. the canals, tree islands, mounds and middens contain the history of tribes predating the Calusa and Tekesta. Seminole and Miccosukee only arrived in Florida when they were hunted by the U.S. Army right when Florida became a U.S. Territory in 1821. Just north of the park are sinkholes containing artifacts as old as 10,000 years, that are perfectly preserved due to the lack of oxygen as water levels rose to current levels.

The shell mounds pictured are typical of the man made 10,000 Islands, made by the powerful Calusa tribe that ruled Florida when Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for the King of Spain.


Chief Osceola of the Seminole Indian tribe led that largest Native American resistance to U.S. domination in all of U.S. history. He was married to an African women and is revered in Seminole, Miccosukee and African American communities.


White Pelicans and Roseate Spoonbills are the most sought after birds, but lower tide brings out huge quantities of wading birds as well as Ospreys.

Here is what some previous guest have said

Our Miami trip with John Simmons covered visiting the homes of Coral Gables, the Biltmore, manatees, Wynwood graffiti park, South Beach “strip” and restaurants, Fountainebleau and various Art Deco buildings. We walked a bit of Lincoln Road to see the restaurants and shops, as well as seeing an African-American police precinct. John had many interesting stories to tell. He made sure our drive was comfortable and convenient, making sure to park near our destinations, and the car was always filled with cold water. John knows the history of many parts of Miami, and I look forward to our next journey with him.

Gemma Trip Advisor Review

I had asked if anyone had toured with the company and got no replies but our family decided to book anyway. It was a new company but John had been a tour guide with a larger company for 25 years & knew a lot about the history, current issues, & ‘inside’ interesting things about Miami.
It was a great experience & more than we had expected. There were 11 of us (80 to 11 yrs.) returning from a family reunion cruise. There were a couple of mobility issues so we let John know & let him make the itinerary. Great decision on our part! As we were staying overnight, John suggested we divide the tour into 2 parts instead of one long tour. He picked us, and all our luggage, up at the Cruise Terminal and we started our 3 hrs morning tour of the different parts of Miami. Wynwood Wall Murals was our first stop and that really got everyone interested, especially the kids. He planned the tour to allow several stops for us to get out and explore for a few min. Again, this really pleased the kids. We were dropped off at our hotel for the afternoon as planned. He picked us up again for the evening tour of Miami Beach which included time to for us to have supper and shop on Lincoln Road. Really pleased the females in the group and the guys loved watching all the activity along the street. The youngest and eldest had said they didn't want to do an evening tour but after the great morning tour they decided to come and really had a great time. Surprisingly, John managed to please all of us.

Marilyn Trip Advisor Review

WOW!!! John is very KNOWLEDGEABLE.. Up beat and on time!! He knows Miami and the Everglades VERY VERY WELL. He knows lots of history and incidental facts and FUN INFO!!!!!
HE catered to my interests.. He also picks up visitors up at the airport !!!. He .knows alot of people in town.. sooo he may be able to connect you to someone else.. ill use him again next year YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Brett Trip Advisor Review