About the company

Miami Native Tours’ mission is to provide the best guide service in Miami.    No one offers more options to fit your groups needs.  My limit for the Everglades is 14 people because of my permit, but have CDL and mini bus for larger groups on city tours.  I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. I am obsessed with Manatees, Dolphins, Spanish Florida, Calusa and Tequesta Shell mounds, the legend of the Cocaine Cowboys, and was the first guide to take guests to Wynwood ten years ago.   

Meet Your Guide

I am a Miami Native that fell off the corporate ladder, working as a tour operator for 11 years. 8 years having my own company.  I love showing off parts of Miami tourists never see and some locals do not even know.  

  • I OWN MY OWN VEHICLE.  13 capacity Ford Transit Van

Check my list of stops for an off the beaten path gem. I combine Miami’s history with its most scenic locations.  I love the backroads, especially Coconut Grove.  For group leaders and trip planners, I list my  recommended time for each neighborhood.  Adjust how you like!  

When I worked for a big bus company, the drivers would compare negative Trip Advisor reviews and laugh at which driver got burned the worst.  All the drivers were foreigners.  I found their presentation of my city horrifying.  

I avoid tourist traps and don’t go anywhere that flaunts a commission to attract my guests.

The most valid complaint about Miami Native Tours is my availability.  I never work in June, with limited availability in September thru November, 2022.  I do not plan to have my Port of Miami permit until November 2022.  

Languages I Speak

I speak English, Portuguese, & Spanish. I know almost every Spanish and Portuguese speaking country, including 20 Brazilian states, 18 Mexican, 45 U.S. states. If hearing another language like Spanish in Miami bothers you, call for my all day golf special in Doral!  1-800-No-Jodas

I Am Member Of

Flórida State Parks


History Miami Museum


Rhythm Foundation


Perez Art Museum