Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the city tour stop in Calle Ocho/Little Havana ?

Its not that I don’t like Little Havana, I just like my neighborhoods better. Little Havana has few Cubans left, replaced by Central Americans. Riverside is the proper name. If you insist on going to “Little Havana”, it can be arranged. But the truth is most tour companies go there because the cigar factory gives a nice commision to drivers that drop their guests off to buy cigars. I’ll take a referral over their commission any day.

What hotels do you service ?

I regularly service all of Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbor, the Downtown, and Brickell hotels. Hotels farther north like Sunny Isles and Broward I ask that you come to Lincoln Road to make for a spectacular finish. I have parking passes for you. Airport area hotels I also serve, but please call to confirm.

Does the All Day Everglades Tour include an airboat or regular boat ?

Both! The hour long ride thru the Ten Thousand Islands is usually the highlight of the tour. Airboats are usually at the end of the day, a 45 minute trip to a tree island.

What should we bring on the All Day Everglades ?

Bugs? Sunscreen? I have both. Food? Lunch is STONE CRABS in the Stone Crab capital of the world, Everglades City. Burgers, shrimp, oysters, alligator and a wide variety of freshly caught fish also served.

If we have seen Wynwood and Manatees already, what stops do you recommend ?

The De la Cruz art collection is awesome. The Key Biscayne Lighthouse is my most popular kids stop. Kampong Gardens is more historic, cute elderly retired teachers act as our guides, Both the Lighthouse and Kampong have tricky opening hours. My website gives more info on alternative stops.

When are manatees guaranteed ?

From December to April I can always find manatees. I have 6 spots along my city tour route, another spot north of the Design District and another in North Miami. You can see manatees in the Everglades.