Manatees are everywhere in our waterways in Late January 2022.   Manatees are a HUGE part of my city tour October thru April , with 6 spots on the city tour that almost always have manatees

One spot is great for watching a family of manatees swim under a very low bridge

Another spot seen from the side of a creek.

And this spot where the manatees rest.  

This has been a horrible 3 years for Florida’s manatee population, estimated to be 7500 manatees.  From increased boat traffic during the pandemic to  toxic algae from cattle, septic, fertilizer phosphate runoff, the challenges to saving our precious manatees is urgent.  

Manatees in the Everglades are seen from farther away, sometimes our boat captain follows the mud trail manatees leave behind while chewing up the seagrass. Sometimes manatees can be found keeping warm in rivers when the Gulf gets real cold. For maximum manatee pleasure, schedule your city tour for optimum tidal conditions by calling a few days beforehand.