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Miami is the ideal travel destination at mostly any time of the year.   A city that is rich in culture and history with many amazing sightseeing locations, no wonder thousands of visitors come see this incredible city every year. Whether you are traveling as a family, with friends or maybe just looking to relax on the beach, Miami will offer you a one of a kind vacation. However when you come here to enjoy the sightseeing and attractions, a professionally guided city tour is the way to take it all in.

Booking a City Tour

A guided city tour is a great and effective way to view all Miami has to offer, this tour is quite special because it is not the double decker bus experience, with a more personalized journey viewing all the attractive architecture, art and history. An added bonus is if you go through April, there will be six manatee viewing spots along the tour. In some of these spots you will be just feet away from the Manatees. The city tour takes you through different parts of Miami, first head to Wynwood Walls which is located in an area known as Wynwood or the Design District, here you will view walls of graffiti art as well as private art galleries and collections. The next stop will be Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne, these areas are extremely rich in history with sites that are over two thousand years old, surrounded by modern high rises in the Brickell area. This City tour will give a great experience as to what Miami can offer.

Additional Stops

While this is the basic version of the City Tour there are many other locations that can be added to a day out on the town, such as the Perez Art Museum or Little Havana which is a great stop for lunch because it is the heart of the Cuban culture here in Miami, serving the most authentic food dishes. A city tour is the best way to optimize your time spent in Miami, while getting to see a lot and learn about the diverse cultures it has to offer.  

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