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SourceHere at Miami Native Tours not only are we fans of the Everglades and the rich city culture, but also of the vast archaeology that exists throughout Florida.  Some of these forms you are able to see with the naked eye and others are a bit more difficult than that. Archaeology comes in several forms here in Miami: -Early Florida archaeological sites include the Key Biscayne Lighthouse, the former slave quarters near downtown Miami and the Dry Tortugas below Key West give insight into Florida’s crazy history.

-There are several Native American sites that date back 2,000 to 3,000 years that we will come across during our Everglades Trips to Chokoloskee.  There were two prominent Native Americans tribes along this route, the first tribe being the Calusa Tribe or better known as the “Shell Indians” they were considered to be the first “shell collectors.” The other tribe is the Tequesta tribe but they never become as large or powerful as the Calusa tribe.

-Pre Columbian or better known as “The Miami Circle” can be found along the Miami River,  dating back 12,000 years. Although you may not be able to see much, visitors can still see the ring of limestone, but the holes have been covered with soil and grass for the protection of the onlookers.

Archaeology sites throughout the state of Florida:

-The most interesting recent find is a 7,000 year old burial site (see video) a mile offshore from Venice, Sarasota County. This burial site is 11 feet, 3.5 meters underwater.  Imagine how many other sites are hidden underwater!

-There are plenty of marine archaeology sites scattered throughout the state, such as Spanish Galleons and Civil War ships.

-The Underground Railroad flowed south way before Harriet Tubman took the people north, due to Spanish Florida’s declaration as a slave sanctuary in 1693.

Your tour guide is the ultimate fanatic of archaeology and history!

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