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Black Miami Matters

My Black Miami Matters Tour combines the most scenic with the most historic places in Miami. As the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, Black Miami has a mixture of US influences along with Bahamian, Jamaican, Cuban, Honduran, Haitian, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Seminole, Miccosukee, and Latin American influences.

I am particularly obsessed with the 309 years of Spanish History Tallahassee hides from us.  In 1693 the King of Spain declared East Florida and West Florida to be “Slave Sanctuaries” whereby by slave escaping British America could live in Florida as a free person.  The Underground Railroad went south way before it went north. 

Sites are:

This sightseeing tour can be booked online using the standard city tour of 3.5 hours.  There are 4 stops highlighted, meaning there is no way we finish in 3.5 hours. Extra charges apply at $75 an hour.

This is my best Miami sightseeing tour, the most scenic and historic. Tour misses the mansions of Coral Gables, only covering the Black Gables, a piece of the Gables locals don’t even know about.

  • Key Biscayne Lighthouse – A National Underground Railroad Monument. Maybe my favorite stop on any tour.
  • Virginia Key Beach – The Official “Colored Beach” of Miami since WWII.
  • Bahamian Coconut Grove (Village West) – Home to many 4th and 5th generation Grove families, Shotgun homes, Father Gibson’s church,  GW Carver k-8, Stirrup House and the cemetery where Thriller was filmed.
  • Overtown – Once known as the “Harlem of the South”. The Dorsey home and across the street Hampton University’s spectacular art exhibit by Elizabeth Catlett make a great stop. Black Police Precinct is another must stop.
  • Wynwood – The graffiti artist capital of the world, once a Puerto Rican neighborhood.  Also a must stop.
  • Liberty City/Little River/Lemon City/ Little Haiti.  Even the locals get confused where one ends and the other begins!  Rapid gentrification! More Art Deco architecture than anywhere but South Beach.
  • Pork n Beans Housing Project and Northwestern High, where Oscar winning film Moonlight was homegrown.
  • Two other important neighborhoods can be added by special request, Opa Locka and Brownsville.
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